From 0 to 60

Or 1 to 23.

I’ll be the first to admit. I was not sure how this whole helmeting thing was going to go. I mean, RAD didn’t even like wearing a hat during the summer to keep the sun off of him. How was wearing a helmet for 23 hours a day going to work?! I was afraid that this would be the longest, hardest 5 months ever. When my husband took RAD to pick up the helmet the first day, it was nothing but tears. Well, screaming and tears. And I just knew that the first full day would be the exact same. Well, I was about 99% wrong!

There was some fussing when I put the helmet on or off. RAD does NOT like sudden sounds or movements (unlike Big Sister who LOVES being scared) and the Velcro strap is right above his ear. So that made putting the helmet on and off a little difficult. But we kept on. The first day is an hour on, and hour off. And boy, by the end of that hour he was READY for it to come off. I could also tell that he was more tired than normal. I’m sure its physically exhausting. One minute you’re having just to hold your head up, and the next your mom sticks this helmet on top and you have to be even stronger! The helmet is not really heavy. I think something like 6ounces. But for a 5 month old, that’s heavy! As the day progressed, I could definitely tell that he became more and more comfortable with the helmet.

Day 2 was the hardest for me. We have always kept to a schedule for our kids, especially when they were babies. It just makes like SO much easier for us. The second day, they wear the helmet 2 hours on/1 off. And still not sleeping in it. This was the roughest. Only because he would be ready for a nap, but he would have like 30 minutes left of wear time. He would be crying because he wanted to helmet off and because he was tired. UGH. Glad that day is OVER.

Day 3 was a little better. He was pretty comfortable in his helmet by now. He wore it for 4 hours on/1 off today. He also got to start sleeping and napping in his helmet. This made things much, much easier! He actually slept through the night no problem the first night! Here is where that whole routine schedule comes into play again. We just kept to our routines and it was just a normal bedtime for him. He wasn’t uncomfortable or anything! It was a relief!

Day 4 increased wear time to 8 hours with 1 off. Every day is a little easier for all of us. We’re now on Day 5 and starting 23 hour wear. I can’t believe how quick we got to full time wear, but its going great! He had an adjustment on his helmet today since he is settling into it. It also keeps falling into his eyes a little so they just adjusted it. So cool that they can fix those things right away.

When they say it is harder on the parents than the babies, its true. Its so hard seeing him in this helmet. But I know it is for the best and is not hurting him AT ALL. What kills me is not being able to kiss his forehead. Always having to kiss that cold, hard plastic. Make the most of that hour off each day. Get those kisses in!!!


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