Whew – That Smell!

Ok y’all. Time to get real.

This helmet (and his hair) STINKS! I heard that a lot. That it will start to smell, but dang!! It’s a full blown STINCH! So how do we keep it at bay??

1.) Clean it. EVERY. NIGHT. I mean it. Clean it with rubbing alcohol and if at all possible put it outside to dry for the hour that you are able to keep it off of your baby’s head.

2.) Wash their hair. EVERY. NIGHT. The only thing that we’ve found that has helped is Mustela. It does not have a “baby” smell at all, which is hard to get used to, but it definitely kills the smell. I found it on Amazon and also Target, but I’m sure they sell it in other stores as well. They are about the same price between those two. We use the 2-in-1 shampoo and body wash and also this no-rinse fluid for those LONG days when we’re unable to do a full bath. Aside from keeping the smell away, it has also helped cure his cradle cap, as well as his little patches of Eczema. So I would say a win-win-win!

3.) Breaks. So yes, you should keep the helmet on them for 23 hours. However, as they are adjusting it, it is OK (according to our technician) to take some mini breaks to wipe away the sweat. Basically, take the helmet off, wipe it out with a dry towel, and put it back on. I would recommend for you to ask your own doctor/technician, but this is what we were told and it has helped!


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