It has been a while since our last check-in. Everything is going great with the helmet. RAD has been staying with his grandmother the past week. Today, when we took off his helmet, I could definitely tell a difference in the shape of his head. Next week, we get his head scanned again. I can’t wait to see the results! We are still aiming for a goal of Christmas to be done with the helmet. It has been so much already. But we’ll do anything for our little linebacker!

Today is also Halloween. It was nice to be able to take RAD out and not have people stare or comment on his helmet. It just felt like it was part of his costume. While nobody has been rude to us so far, it was a nice break anyways. I have noticed that when his helmet was plain white, we would get an “Aw” of sympathy. An “I’m so sorry.” In which we would follow up with “I’m not! Its ok!” Since we have painted it, now we get “Aw! That’s so cool!” Yeah – I guess it is. I mean, if he HAS to have a helmet, I guess we did get him a cool one. I still wish he never had to have it.

He is still just the same happy, easy going baby as before though. He is starting to try to crawl and is SO strong. He runs, not walks, RUNS all over the house in his walker. He is getting so big. He will be 6 months soon. Love these two joys so much!

Happy Halloween!



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